Welcome to Monson Offshore

Our Business
Monson Offshore is a dedicated company looking after offshore vessel requirements

Our Clients
We represent clients involved in the Oil and Gas Industry operating a variety of vessels working out of a number of Australian ports with a diversity of requirements

Our Staff
Our personnel are extremely experienced in all areas of shipping and offshore requirements


Customs Agency Services

Customs Agency Services - Monson Offshore

Aust Quarantine Inspection Services

Australian Quarantine Inspection Services - Monson Offshore

Bio Fouling Services

Bio Fouling Services - Monson Offshore

Asbestos Services

Asbestos Services - Monson Offshore

Shore Based Services

Shore Based Services - Monson Offshore

Crew Transport Logistics

Crew Transport Logistics - Monson Offshore


Australian Office

Australian Office - Contact - Monson Offshore

Singapore Office

Singapore Office - Contact - Monson Offshore

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